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When you initially finish getting your sparkling new tattoo at a studio, your skin will essentially be a big raw wound,
open to all sorts of nasty germs and bacteria. Correct aftercare procedures ensure that
the tattooed area of skin remains infection free in an environment that is perfectly set up to ensure that healing proceeds to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tips for "Second Skin" Plastic Aftercare
  Keep the bandage you got applied by the artist for 6-7 days (up 8 days is ok).
After 5-7 days gently remove the bandage, clean the area with foam antibacterial H2Ocean soap and dry, apply the special H2Ocean Moisturizing Cream and keep moisturize your skin 2-3 times a day by a tiny layer for 1-4 weeks (until your skin will get back to normal condition) .
Do not overuse the cream, Let your skin breath, but do not let it be dry.
*If recommended, change the first bandage after 8-24 hours, depending on how much the tattoo weeps. How to change: gently remove the first bandage, clean the area with an antibacterial soap and dry the area by pressing clean paper towels, apply a second bandage on clean and dry skin with 1,5-2 inches frame.   
*If recommended to remove the bandage before 6-7 days: remove the bandage, clean the area with foam antibacterial H2Ocean soap and dry the area by pressing clean paper towels, apply the special H2Ocean Ointment from your aftercare kit. Keep use the H2Ocean Ointment 2-3 times a day by a tiny layer for 3-4 days. Then start to use H2Ocean Moisturizing Cream 2-3 times a day by a tiny layer for 1-4 weeks (until your skin will get back to normal condition).

*! liquids inside the plastic (ink and blood products) do not affect the healing process or tattoo details.
Keeping the aftercare plastic on with liquids inside is absolutely safe as long as whole tattooed area is completely covered with a bandage. 


There are a number of things that definitely shouldn’t be done in the first stages of tattoo healing, below is a list of the most important things that you should not do while your tattoo is healing.

*Pick the Scabs
*Pick Off Peeling Skin
*Scratch your Tattoo
*Submerge your Tattoo in Water
*Expose your Tattoo to the Sun
*Re-wrap your Tattoo
*Smother the Tattoo in not special Lotion/Ointment
*Use Petroleum-Based Products
*Use Fragrance/Alcohol Based Soaps to Clean the Tattoo
*Use Abrasive or Dirty Cloths/Towels to Clean or Dry the Tattoo
*Wear Tight-Fitting Clothing
*Workout/Exercise too Soon
*Wash your Tattoo with Hot Water
*Use Saunas/Steam Rooms
*Touch your Tattoo with Dirty Hands
*Let Anybody Else Touch your Tattoo
*Shave the Tattooed Area
*Drink Too Much Alcohol
*Ocean or pool swimm

After you’ve removed the wrap, your tattoo is likely to be covered in a thick gooey layer of blood, plasma,
ink and lymph fluid. The clear plasma is what you will want to clean off most thoroughly as this is the fluid that will eventually start to set and harden in order to begin the scabbing process. DON'T WORRY if you see any ink
coming off as you wash or dry your tattoo - this is completely normal.

*Clean your hands thoroughly, don’t let any bacteria getting into the raw tattooed area
*Run the tap until the water is lukewarm, NOT hot. Cup the water with your hand and
very gently wet the area with your palm/fingers
*Rub the H2Ocean antibacterial foam soap over the area and
make sure as much excess ink/blood/plasma has been washed away
*Use more water to wash away any leftover soap
*Allow the tattoo to dry completely,
either through air drying or with a paper towel - not a dirty rough washcloth though.
Always PAT dry do not SCRUB

Your tattoo will likely be very sore for the rest of the day (and for the next few days). It will probably look red
and swollen and the area will also likely feel warm to the touch due to the increased blood flow
to the area (your body's way of aiding the wound to make it heal as quickly as possible).


For the next couple of days, your tattoo will likely look and feel the same as it did on day one.
Redness and swelling will have probably gone down slightly but it will likely still look
and feel sore for the next several days (up to about a week).

2-3 times a day:
*wash your fresh tattoo with the H2Ocean antibacterial foam soap and dry following the instructions above.
* Apply a thin layer of ointment (Bepanthen Plus Cream or H2Ocean Aquatat)
to moisturize the area and help with healing.
*Cover your fresh tattoo with the clean bandage to protect it from any touching with your cloth,
bed lines, pet’s hair and any air germs and bacteria.
If you are home, your close do not cover the tattoo,
no pets around :  no bandages needed at those moments.

Carry on cleaning your tattoo exactly as you have been for the last several days,
washing the area using your fingers with a soap, and drying completely
before applying a very thin lotion/ointment to keep the area hydrated and moisturized.
It is absolutely crucial that you DO NOT pick or pull at the forming scabs.
At this stage of the tattoo healing process the scabs will not yet be ready to come off
and by picking at them you risk pulling ink out along with the scab.
Even if a scab looks like it’s ready to come off, or if it’s only slightly still hanging onto the skin,
just leave it alone. Don’t do anything that you may instantly regret afterwards - it’s best to play it safe.
Let it be a natural process.

2-3 times a day:
*Wash your fresh tattoo with the H2Ocean antibacterial soap and dry following the instructions above.
*Apply a thin layer of ointment (Bepanthen Plus Cream or
H2Ocean Aquatat) to moisturize the area and help with healing.
*No bandages needed

If you do begin to itch, DO NOT scratch your tattoo, this is amongst the absolute worst things
that you can do in the whole of the tattoo healing process.
Scratching the healing skin not only pulls away scabs and skin prematurely, pulling out ink in the process,
but the bacteria on/under your fingernails can cause an infection around the area.
DON'T WORRY During this stage, as you wash your tattoo you may start to see
the peeling skin come off colored in ink.
This is completely normal, and your tattoo isn’t getting washed out.

HOW TO TAKE CARE / DAYS 8th-14th  
*Start to use your H2Ocean Moisturizing cream from your aftercare kit 2-3 times a day to moisturize the skin.
(not petroleum based, not alcohol based, not perfumed)

 Your tattoo should have largely completed peeling, apart from the odd small area of flaky/dry skin.
A Tattoo is for Life, Not Just for Summer. Congratulations! Your tattoo should be starting to look the best
it has done for several weeks. BUT just because your tattoo has all but healed,
it doesn’t mean that you can start neglecting it from now on for the rest of your life.
If you want your tattoo to continue looking its best for as long as possible,
there are some aftercare procedures you should continue to carry out indefinitely.

Keep using the H2Ocean Moisturizing Cream daily as needed by a tiny layer for 1-4 weeks (until your skin will get back to normal condition).

Tattoo Care Instruction​s

*Always Use Sunscreen - This is an extremely important rule to remember and is the number one rule
to follow after the initial healing period is over.
Always cover your tattoo in at least factor 30 sunscreens when out in the sun or on a sun-bed.
Although after healing your tattoo will have a few layers of skin form over it to protect it against most elements,
the UV rays from the sun/sun-beds will easily penetrate these layers
and can really cause a lot of damage to your tattoo.
If you’re a sun god/goddess and you’re always outside in the hot weather,
it won’t take long for the sun to turn your bright, clear, colorful tattoo into a dull, wrinkled, blurry mess
- so never forget to properly protect it when outside or on a tanning bed.
*Continue to Moisturize - Your tattoo will continue to look at its best for as long as your skin is kept at its best.
Keep your skin as healthy and as hydrated as possible and your tattoo should stand up to the test of time.
*Drink Plenty of Water - As well as moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated,
drinking enough water will also help greatly in clearing out toxins beneath your skin.
*Live and Eat Healthy - An active lifestyle and a high nutrition diet will do wonders for your skin and your tattoos.
A healthy lifestyle will ensure a good strong blood-flow to all areas of the body,
treating your skin to the correct nutrients whenever it requires them. 

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